Easy Organizing Solution's

Store your winter Gloves and Hats !
Hangs on the back of any door

I found myself not wearing all my jewelry because It wasn't in eye's view. I don't have a lot of closet or wall space for some of these cute organizational ideas i've seen on pinterest so I had to get creative. Certainly not as pretty as some of these things ive seen but- it works and I love it
You'll need:
`Mesh shoe organizer
`Glue Gun

I used the last three rows of pockets for my bracelets, watches, and rings so i didnt have to do anything to those rows. 
The pockets that i used for earings, I glued the opening shut, tightening it up a bit.  
For my necklaces, I glued  clothes pins on to hang the necklaces on.

This is one for my daughter's bathroom