Quick Breads

There is a BIG difference between regular yeast breads and quick breads. So of course the method in how we prepare will be different. Ok, no brainier. Then tell me why in the world people everywhere are still beating the crud out of their muffins and biscuits? At an attempt to correct this fopa, here is the proper way to make most muffin recipes.

The more you mix, the more gluten you develop in your muffin. That's not good. We want muffins to be tender and not chewy.

The Muffin Method- for muffins, duh!

#1 Stir together your dry ingredients in a bowl- sift with your whisk
#2 Combine all liquid ingredients, including *melted fat or oil in separate bowl
#3 Add the liquid ingredients to the dry(yes I said that right)** and fold the mixture only with spatula until flour is moistened. DO NOT OVER MIX- IT NEEDS TO BE LUMPY
#4 Pan bake these immediately (if recipe calls for baking soda or single acting baking powder. Double acting baking powder give you more time to get them in) Combine your separate mixtures in advance for this purpose.

*This is one of the points where the muffin method differs from the creaming method. When you add the fat to the liquid, you want to make sure that all of the liquid ingredients are at room temperature. You want the fat to be evenly dispersed throughout the batter. For this to happen, you’re going to have to have the rest of the wet ingredients warm enough that the butter won’t turn hard on you the moment you pour it in the measuring cup.
** by using low gluten flour you are again ensuring the least amount of gluten development as possible so you really are not stirring at all, in fact you are folding the ingredients together and I'm talking for like 12 seconds only. JUST until flour is coated. (have I said this enough yet?!!)

The Creaming Method- Cakes or cupcakes- coffee cakes (if you use this method on what was meant to be a muffin you will get a cupcake)

#1 Combine fat, sugar, salt, spices and powdered milk (if used) in the main bowl with the paddle attachment
#2 Cream the ingredients together until light
#3 Add the eggs in two or three stages, Cream well after each addition before adding more eggs
#4 In separate bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, and other dry ingredients.
#5 Stir together the liquid ingredients until well combined
#6 Add the sifted dry ingredients to your main bowl alternately with the liquids. So like this:

I hope that helps, if it's confusing in any way leave a comment. And remember

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