Fiber Diet- with food storage recipes!

Loose weight.. on food storage??

My husband and I decided about a year ago to read and implement the "Fiber Diet" from Brenda Watsons Fiber 35. We think its one of the best "secrets" to loosing weight. I had just had my first child and was anxiously looking for a way to get my weight back down, and I just wanted to feel better. We both had amazing success, and have found a new way to keep our weight where we want it, and most importantly to feel great. Others in my family also tryed it and they all had great success.

We both lost 35 pounds in two months. We did this by eating 35 grams of fiber a day, and cutting back on refined sugars, and flour. I recommend getting the book for all the details and great info, but really its just alot of common sense like, eating healthy, and lowering your calories, and eating high fiber. We learned to encorperate beans in just about any meal. And what greater food storage product is there than beans?

We followed her meal plan for about 6 months. Since then, I have had another baby. I am trying to adjust to having two children, being on a tighter budget, and using my food storage regularly for meals. This is where the secret part comes it!! We both have still been able to control our weight, by getting our 35 grams of fiber in a day- EVEN while using our food storage for most meals!

We attribute our success to the habits we picked up and have continued to implement from FIBER 35. - So here's a collection of high fiber recipes specifically for showing that you can eat great healthy food, on a budget, and use your 3 month supply of food storage to do so. These are recipes that we encooperate into our weekly diet. Some of them are from Brenda Watsons book, others I have just learned, modified, and picked up from other sites.
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