72 Hour Kit Ideas

1 sturdy backpack per person (or rolling suitcase), or some tupperware bins
1 change of clothes per person
1 set of scriptures per family
1 flashlight per person
small first aid kit
personal documents
2 gallons water per person, minimum
water purification method
$100 cash per family
ax/hatchet & shovel
utility knife
battery powered radio and light
small sewing kit
2 light sticks
hand warmer / canned heat
prepare blankets or sleeping bags to be accessible at a moment's notice
1 small toothbrush per person
toothpaste, soap, and shampoo
silver foil emergency blankets
mosquito repellent
small entertainment (crayons, card games, etc) and paper/pencils
camp stove or portable BBQ & fuel
work gloves (2 pair per family)
mess kits or disposable plates/cups/bowls/utensils
pet supplies
candles, holders, matches
aluminum foil
can opener
garbage bags

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Our Young Family said...

how do you store all of these items? just divide them all up between the backpacks?