TVP Follow Up

I finally received my TVP ! Now the real test. IS IT GOOD????
This is what it looks like out of the can. I have the Taco Flavored can open here. 

So I mix 1 C boiling water to 1/2 C TVP. Let it sit a minute and then yo have what you see down below.
When I stir it around, I realize this is NOT meat. And you have to remind yourself this if you are going to use it. It's NOT mean, it's not trying to be meat, it's soy, with flavor! So honestly I was a bit worried at first as I am stirring this stuff around. But, I experimented and this is what I found:

Plain TVP in a burrito with all the fixings. Do not really prefer this
TVP mixed with refried beans and the fixings: Good, kids couldn't tell, ate it up
TVP mixed with actual groud beef: What I prefer if able to buy meat. 

The kids didn't even know the difference, however Aaron felt like the TVP with beans needed more flavor. And the TVP with real beef- Bingo!

I will be experimenting more with this and have updates to this post as I do!
Please let me know if you are experimenting with it too!!


Grant said...

I used some of the Beef flavored TVP a few weeks ago in our burritos. It wasn't too bad combined with the other ingredients. The texture is definitely different, but like you said it isn't meat. Does need a little more flavor. I added some garlic and onion salt which seemed to help. I'm wondering if some cumin might help. We'll have to try that.

Junia said...

i know this is an old post... but do you mind telling me where you got your tvp? thanks