TVP- making a comeback

This is some great information about TVP- Textured Vegetable Protein. I actually have ordered a couple kinds to try out and will report back, but I was surprised at how far they have come with this. And personally I think with the food industry having so many contamination issues, I have been avoiding meat a lot lately. Plus I hate touching it :)
But here is a great article on it- CLICK

And then I ordered 2 #10 cans from HERE. $29.90
You will get 48-1/2 cups from a can. I figure that's 14 meals I will get out of it with my family size.
I spend over $5/1lb for my ground beef here, because I buy the extra lean, best brand sirloin because I HATE NASTY MEAT. I use it for ONE meal!!! I get 14 meals for $10.95 !!!!!

I just used my grocery budget for this- small investment towards food storage, huge blessings.

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