Wheat Class

We had a great time last night at our Wheat class. I think that we are motivated and realize just how easy it is to use our wheat.

I suggested that an easy way to make sure we are using our wheat is to fill up a plastic container that will fit in your pantry.
Now weather you want to just put the whole wheat berry in there or grind it up, either way get it up out of your food storage and put it where you will see it. 
I have a container of wheat in mine and I grind it every Saturday as this is my baking day anyway. 
Be sure to note that if you do grind it, I suggest keeping it in the fridge to keep all the nutrients fresh.

So, when we think of using our wheat I fell like we think everything we make then has to be 100% whole wheat. NOT SO. just adding a cup here and there in our regular everyday recipes will not only add nutrients but we are rotating and using our wheat. 
If we stop thinking of all this as "food storage" and rather a life style, it will make it a lot easier to utilize. 

I know that making your own bread can seem to take up too much time, however if you just use one dough recipe to make two or three different things for the week, it makes the effort worth it. 
With the bread recipe I have posted , you can make a loaf of bread, some rolls for Sunday dinner, and pizza crust. Or use it to make a loaf of bread and the rest rolls, freeze them and you have rolls to pull out for any nights dinner. Sandwich rolls are a nice change to the kids lunch too. And remember its so much healthier. You are also learning skills that we have been asked to learn. 
When you are ordering your wheat, remember that there is more than just red wheat, there is white wheat also. Both are great sources of nutrients and can be added into our diets very easy. 
Start trying out your recipes by adding a few cups here or there, let me know your results!

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